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The Latest Trend in Rude Behavior

The other day I was at the register checking out of the Dollar Tree around the corner as a mid-thirties to early forties man walked in with his two boys who must have been around eleven or twelve. This man had his Android phone blasting some sort of hiphop music as he walked around the store cutting in front of people and dawdling blocking the front door where people were trying to get past him to exit. He was completely oblivious to how rude and inconsiderate his playing his loud music in the store was, as it contrasted with the music the store had piping in throughout the building. He also didn’t seem to understand the etiquette of not standing directly in front of the door to wait for someone. I left the store annoyed and thinking what a rude role model he was for those boys.

At the time I thought it was just one man who was clueless to being courteous and having social responsibility when living in an organized society. I was wrong. Since then I have come across several other people, both men and women, who felt it was acceptable to walk around with their music from their phone or MP3 player blasting in a store, restaurant or public facility. What is this new trend of rudeness? I look at it as an extension of the long running trend of blasting the car radio so that people can hear it from a mile away, which is totally illegal, but seems to happen more frequently than not.

It is one thing to have your music playing with your headsets on so that only you are affected by it, but to interrupt other people’s conversations, environment, or day by forcing them to listen to your blasting music is unacceptable. This is comparable to a smoker walking up and blowing smoke in someone’s face; completely rude, inconsiderate and inexcusable. Think of the head ache and racket that will ensue if everyone walks around doing this; multiple types of music blasting over each other in one contained space. No thank you.

I refuse to believe that our world is transitioning into such a self-absorbed society that we do not consider public etiquette and only care about our own desires. Let us nip this new trend of music blasting in the bud. If you want to listen to your music in public use your headsets, do not expect everyone else around you to want to listen to your jam with you. Provide a positive role model for the younger generation who is watching to help them know how to behave in public. Let us bring back civility and consideration into our everyday world before it is too late.