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Jonny Depp, the Very Definition of Bohemian

I’ve been in love with Jonny Depp ever since I was a teenager and he was on “21 Jump Street”. I was devastated when the show was canceled, because it would mean no more getting to see his lovely face every week. And, it seemed that once the show ended so did he. I am not much of a celebrity stalker and never have been so if it is not on the main screen or massively publicized I have little knowledge of what a star is doing at any given time. Jonny disappeared from my life and I moved on, until his sudden reappearance in major box office hits like, “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”, “Edward Sissorhands”, and a plethora of other famous movies that would shoot him into superstardom and enlighten me as to his true talents.

Since this time of adolescence I’ve gone on to watch his movies and hear the tabloids speak of him on topics such as the way he moved to France because it was alright to smoke pot there, or the break-up with this woman or that woman. But, my real affection and adoration of him comes from his interviews and quotes.

“You can close your eyes to the things you don’t want to see, but you can’t close your heart to the things you don’t want to feel.”            – Jonny Depp

It seems as he has matured that he has developed a wisdom and style that didn’t present itself in his early years. He’s left behind the persona of a sullen James Dean, and taken on a whole new honest and open image. He appears to live his life from the heart with a sense of responsibility for himself, family, and mankind. He does not care what people think of how he dresses or if they disagree with his opinions. He admits to making mistakes in his life, accepts them and moves forward. The roles he takes are those of substance, art, or creativity, and he isn’t afraid to give credit to others where credit is due. He lives life to its fullest and loves deeply while creating works of art, and thought provoking theater experiences. I know many of you are probably remembering his last few “Pirates of the Caribbean” films wondering what I am talking about, “thought provoking”. I’m speaking of the overall portfolio of his work. But, if you think about it, even those movies create conversation and thought over if any of the activities and stunts in them could really happen, or if the costumes were truly era specific, etc. So, I stand by my statement.

I’ve never met Mr. Depp, and doubt I ever will. These impressions of him are simply from what I see of him on screen, in interviews, and from tabloid covers. But, it is these impressions that make me think of him as a true bohemian.