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My Original “Sister” Review

When I reviewed the movie “Sister” at the Denver Film Festival in 2012 for OffToTheFilms, I was asked to modify my original review as I was too blunt for their site. So, now I’ve decided to post my original review for anyone who wants to see it. To see what was posted on OffToTheFilms you can click here.

Sister Falls Flat

Sister is a story about a 12 year old boy who steals from the rich tourists at a high end ski resort in order to keep a roof over his and his sister’s head, and food on the table. This dramatic story line screams with potential, but eventually falls flat. The only scene in the whole movie that has a spark of intensity is the relationship twist, and even that is left flat and incomplete.

This sad story line redundantly drags out with little progression. There are some well formatted artistic shots in this film, however the over use of this technique only stalls the progression of the film’s story that much more without adding much to the overall effect of the film. Some of these scenes confuse the message at times with an underlying incestual vibe to them.

The acting is well done, although the dialog is sparse in many areas. Even though the majority of the dialog is written in French, the subtitles are easily followed. The intensely dramatic characters in this deeply emotional film are not fully fleshed out in a way that truly grips the viewer’s heart. As sympathetic as the viewer may feel for the plight of the main character, the use of dramatic photography in place of gripping dialog misses the mark.

The story never hits a climax and simply continues on in a repetitive motion. If “Groundhog Day” had a poor, mistreated cousin this might be it. Although, the repetitiveness of this film is not through repeating the same day over and over, each day in this film seems to have the same theme, go up the mountain, lie and steal from the rich, get caught, and go back down the mountain with a few variations. Sadly though, unlike the main character in “Groundhog Day”, the main character in this film doesn’t seem to catch on, although we will never know with the incomplete, unsatisfying conclusion of the movie. The viewer is left feeling like they just wasted an hour and 37 minutes that they will never get back with no actual sense of closure as this film just stops. I give this film 2 stars out of 5, and it only gets that because of the acting.

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