Monthly Archives: December 2015

Brag Moment

Check out who is featured on pages 54 and 57 of this month’s issue of at the CENTER OF IT ALL magazine. And don’t miss my original poem’s first publication on page 45.




Original Thought of the Day

To maintain a harmonious being in this world of chaos is to be admired not degraded. ~ Elizabeth Leer

Shout Out

Don’t forget to pick up your Hammond’s candy canes at your local Kingsooper’s. They are an amazing tradition.

Original Thought of the Day

The strongest link, is the link who chooses to break a negative or unhealthy cycle.

Original Thought of the Day

Memories are connections with special others. Cherish each moment and carry on their spirit.

Original Thought of the Day

I did that today on my patio. I like it. Could see leaving them up year round. They have three settings. I could do one for each season almost. Lol…