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Recently, while recovering from pneumonia, I viewed an interesting interview with a physicist in regards to time travel . In the interview this scientist described time as an inter-dimensional interaction, where many different dimensions interwove and the points where these intersections occurred were the points where time travel was possible. (At least that is how I understood what he was saying.) He took a blank piece of paper and said think of this as time in a dimension. Then, he folded it without creasing it so that the edges touched saying this represents where time connects with other dimensions’ time lines in the weave. And finally, he took a pen and passed it through the paper so that it stuck through both layers of the fold and explained that as time bends and interactions line up worm holes are created making time travel possible. I know I am not explaining this properly so if you get the chance to watch the interview, please do. My point is, that the basic way he described the possibility of time travel made me actually think it might be possible, and wonder who else thinks it is a true possibility? Since I could not remember the name of the actual show I watched, here is a link that explains the theory in a similar way, Worm Holes Make the Best Time Machines.

I look forward to hearing how many of you think this is a possibility. Please remember, I am not a scientist, I have never studied this topic, and I am simply looking at the science as it has been simplified into layman’s terms, for a respectful open dialog on the topic.

Time Travel 11.4.2015 Time Travel 1 11.4.2015 Time Travel 2 11.4.2015


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