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Remember What the True Meaning Is

With the invention of the internet and social media, the world has shrunken to an extent that our fore father’s could never have imagined; making empathy, understanding, and acceptance more important than ever before.

We post comments, thoughts, and opinions openly and abundantly everyday focused on our own life, community, and everyday events forgetting that these voiced words are being read daily around the world, possibly affecting an even farther reach than we intended.

I mention this because, with the holidays upon us there are bound to be an abundance of good wishes, politically correct modifications, and commentaries on those who take offence. My hope is that whether you yourself celebrate a specific holiday or another version, that you accept all holiday greetings in the spirit that they were meant, full of love, friendship, and peacefulness among humanity; just as this season is supposed to represent.

That said, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, whether it is a holiday you celebrate or not.


Original Thought of the Day

The best cure for a dirty house… Writer’s block.  And in an ironic twist, I had brain freeze and had to Google what it was called. Blush blush…

Original Thought of the Day

Helen Miren and Judith Dench have got to be two of my favorite actresses of all time. They bring a strength and presence to their roles that is an inspiration of empowerment to women of all ages.

Original Thought of the Day

In the wake of yesterday’s attack on Paris, I can’t help but to reflect on the numerous violent occurrences going on aroParis Attack 11.14.2015und the world in recent months and the past year. It has me wondering, “Is this what the people of the world felt like before World War I and World War II?

Yesterday’s unprovoked attacks on civilians and private citizens as they went about their daily business, of a nation who is not at war, is a clear declaration of war against said nation. However, who has made this declaration? It is not a country. It is not a recognized union
of countries. It is a group of radicals that definitively fall under the caption of “Terrorists”. They are a group of extremists who have openly verbally declared war on the world.Paris Attack 2 11.14.2015

I find myself dumbfounded, and stunned at those individuals who think this is the correct way
to get their message across, especially those who claim to be doing so in the name of religion.The individuals randomly attacked yesterday had no link to your religious war. They were simply men, women, and children who were enjoying a meal, or watching a soccer game, or viewing a rock concert. Where is the message in attacking any of these people or venues? In previous wars and conflicts each move and counter move had a clear message and reason. I see none in these needless violent acts that continue to escalate.

The definition of War is, “a state of armed conflict between different nations or states or different groups within a nation or state.” as sited by Google. Paris Attack 3 11.14.2015If this is the case then what occurred yesterday and the much publicized “War on Terrorism” cannot be a war. There must be a nation or state attached to the uprising group for it to be war. These terrorists have no set country, no actual territory that they are protecting. They are simply a bunch of screwed up individuals who wish to feel they are doing something noble with their lives calling themselves warriors. When in reality all they really are, are cowards hiding behind masks, attacking unwitting citizens in areas that are supposed to be safe and neutral. They are bullies forcing their will at all costs on the masses who do not have the same beliefs or philosophies.

Paris Attack 5 11.14.2015

These few cowards in their drive to spread their agendas and message through fear and oppression have accomplished two things,

  1. They have diluted the true meaning of their message, minimizing any positive strides that peaceful believers may have achieved. They have done more
    harm for their cause than good, and are blind to the negative
    affect their actions and their own hate have had on their own cause.
  2. They have united the world against their message of hate and violence negating any understanding of what the intent of these actions actually are for anything other than fear, and tyranny.  Paris Attack 4 11.14.2015

So, how do we end this needless violence against a cowardly enemy that has no face, in a war that has no decipherable boarders? This is not a war. It is chaos. It is anarchy on the greatest scale. It is Armageddon with no face. I have no answers as to how to stop the insanity, or resolve the major issue at hand, except to say that love, acceptance, and understanding ultimately wins against hatred, bias, and judgement. My fears are that we are on the brink of a world war that cannot be won, as there is no clear enemy, just a bunch of angry individuals in need of anger management classes who are acting out in the most horrific and wide scale violent ways possible. I am saddened by the direction I see the world going in, and what my children and their children will be left with once this tyrannical behavior hits its climax. I can only hope that before all is lost, these misguided individuals will realize that their methods are not the way to create positive change in the world, and will find a more peaceful, open minded way to get their message to the masses.

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Original Thought of the Day

Google is honoring Hedy Lamarr today, a name I had heard many times over my life, but I never really knew who she was or what she acted in. Seeing Google’s special memorial of her today made me want to learn more about this woman that I knew little of other than she was an actress during the golden age of films. My research lead me to discover that she was not only a gorgeous big name actress in her day who caused substantial controversy, but also a brilliant inventor who without her the cell phone may never have been invented. Click on the links in this Original Thought of the Day to learn more about this amazing woman who helped our military communicate more securely. This is a woman that young and old girls alike should look up to as a role model versus the Kardashian’s of the current celebrity world.

Hedy Lamarr 2 11.9.2015 Hedy Lamarr 3 11.9.2015 Hedy Lamarr 4 11.9.2015 Hedy Lamarr 5 11.9.2015 Hedy Lamarr 6 11.9.2015 Hedy Lamarr 7 11.9.2015 Hedy Lamarr 8 11.9.2015 Hedy Lamarr 11.9.2015

Hard at Work on My New Novel

Mmm… Homemade split pea soup, and hot tea on a cold winter day as the snow melts beneath the newly awakening sun. Can’t think of a better way to snuggle on the sofa with my laptop and work on “A New Year, a New Case” for NaNoWriMo.

Winter Day 2 11.5.2015 Winter Day 4 11.5.2015 Winter Day 6 11.5.2015 Winter Day 11.5.2015