Hallow Hill Screams Part 2

Part 2

The night seemed to go on forever as Evelyn tossed and turned struggling though one nightmare after another. In each anxiety filled dream she could hear that blood curdling scream echoing through her psyche.  The antique advertising clock that hung on the wall taunted Evelyn in her attempt to sleep as it struck one… two…three…

In frustration Evelyn rolled out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom and washed her face. The cool water helped clear her head as she splashed it on her face. As she glanced in the mirror in front of her with the moonlight streaming through the nearby window she could see the dark circles beneath her eyes creating a haunting almost ghostly cameo which was in stark contrast to her normally bright and sunny appearance. She gazed mindlessly at the unflattering image before her trying to shake the unsettled feelings that kept her wake.Hallow Hill Screams 7 9.21.2015

Then just as it seemed she might be able to get back to sleep, there it was again, that guttural scream of pure terror, only this time it sounded closer. Evelyn ran to the window and turned on the outside lights. She was sure it was a young child pleading for help, but why would a little one be out in the woods at this time of night? Out of desperation she hit the panic button on the alarm system. She still couldn’t see where the excruciating sound was coming from, but thought maybe the noise would scare away whatever predator was attacking the poor lost child.

Her head was spinning with the loud sirens of the alarm sounding in her ears, bright lights shining in her eyes, and now the sound of coyotes howling from a too close proximity. The screaming stopped, prompting Evelyn to turn off the alarms, but she could still see nothing. Her heart pounded in her throat as she decided she had to venture out into the darkness to find the source of the agonizing cries.

Just as Evelyn reached for her coat and slippers, there was a loud banging on the front door that caused her to almost jump out of her own skin. She made her way cautiously to the front door to see who would be knocking at this ungodly hour and found a tall, dark, and handsome sheriff standing there in a very formal manner. “Mam, is everyone here alright? We received an alarm call.” Evelyn was suddenly relieved and nervously explained, at a speed as fast a light, what had been happening and why she had tripped the alarm.Hallow Hill Screams 8 9.21.2015

The sheriff smiled and said, “It’s probably an elk, but I’ll take a look around.” The sheriff wandered around the outside of Evelyn’s home for a good twenty or thirty minutes, then returned telling her that he had found nothing, but if it happened again to call him directly, and handed her his card.

Although the sheriff’s presence and thorough search helped to calm Evelyn down she still was not completely satisfied with his answers, so she decided to make her own trap in case whatever was out there decided to try and come inside. She quickly gathered all the noisy cans, string, and pots and pans that she could find, and wove an elaborate web that would trigger if anyone tried to enter without her knowing. Seeming content with her newly installed security system Evelyn headed off to bed to attempt to get a few hours sleep before the sun came up, as she thought to herself, how much she wished her husband was home and not out of town on business.


About Elizabeth Leer

Single mother of 2 young adults, who is on career number 6. Currently own 2 businesses on completely different ends of the spectrum, an injury/sports massage practice and a writing company that does freelance copy writing/blog articles/web-content/technical writing, movie and restaurant reviews and fictional children's literature. I have a business background in IT Beta testing, Marketing, H/R and Office Management and more than 15 years experience in the food industry. Writing is my passion, and writing about my experiences and all the things life throws at us just adds to the fun. I currently write for DenverBlog.com as well as several other sites in addition to my freelance work. Announcement: On 4/18/2013 my new young adult detective novel was released on Amazon, Kindle, and CreateSpace. http://www.amazon.com/Passing-Ships-Are-Always-Quiet/dp/1463661150/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1366420351&sr=8-4&keywords=Elizabeth+Leer View all posts by Elizabeth Leer

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