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Original Thought for the Day

I wonder if anyone has the actual answer to a question that has challenged me every time I see a mummy or ancient artifact. At what point does the process of digging up grave sites and artifacts go from being categorized as grave robbing to historical research and anthropology? Honestly, if scientists were to think about what they were doing from the deceased or the deceased’s family’s perspective,  as they excavated these sites they might see themselves in a whole different light. How long does a body or object have to be buried before it is considered an artifact? Ok, that’s two questions, but they go hand in hand.

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Creating A New Type Of Internet

Creating the infrastructure for satellite internet is a capital intensive business, requiring potentially thousands of satellites to be built and launched. It..

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Open-Sourcing Data Is The Only Way Forward For An Advanced Internet Economy

The founder of all that we survey on the web, Tim Berners-Lee, said on this site a few years ago that, “Data is the New Links.” He argued that with the..

Source: Open-Sourcing Data Is The Only Way Forward For An Advanced Internet Economy

Uber Has A New Pre-Paid Ride Service Called UberEVENTS

Uber just announced UberEVENTS, a new service for event organizers to pre-pay rides for their guests. Uber is launching the service first in New York for..

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Hallow Hill Screams Part 1

I thought it might be fun to write a Halloween story and submit it to the world, or my readers at least, in sections; asking the readers to tell me how they would continue the story in the comments below if they were writing the story. I have already completed the story so this will not change my outcome. It will be interested to so how closely my readers story outlines actually come to my outcome. So, enjoy Part 1 of my short story, Hallow Hills Screams, and tell me what you think is the cause of the terrifying screams?

Hallow Hill Screams Part 1

    As she sat in the dimly lit common area of her ranch style home that had once belonged to her mother, enjoying the first peace and quiet that she had had all day, she could hear the crickets go silent followed by a skin rippling scream.  Evelyn felt the hair on the back of her neck stand up as the shrill sound reached her ears sending terror coursing through her veins. Frozen in her seat on the sofa Evelyn debated on whether to venture out to the dark, rambling backyard in order to look for the source of the scream. It was a sound she had never heard before, but had heard about many times in her childhood growing up on Hallow Hill. Hallow Hill Screams 9.21.2015

Evelyn’s family had moved to Hallow Hill three generations before she was born, and had seen many strange things happen in this normally beautiful terrain. It is the accumulation of these folk lore events that had eventually brought the area that was once known as Green Acres to be called Hallow Hill. One of the more infamous tales talked about a young Native American bride who had been dragged from her matrimonial bed by “Yellow Hair”, himself; although no one in her family was ever really sure if General Custer had ever been in the area.

It is said that he and his men attacked her village and in the course of doing so, “Yellow Hair” dragged the beautiful squaw out of her hut as she kicked and screamed fighting him all the way. As she fought to fend him off, she was able to grasp a burning log from a nearby fire and burn him on the arm. “Yellow Hair” was so angry that he back handed the young warrior across the face sending her flying. Upon seeing this the young woman’s husband who was being detained by two Union officers became enraged and breaking free of his would be barriers lunged at “Yellow Hair” just in time to receive the bullet meant for his bride. At the sight of seeing her soul mate murdered the young woman let out an ear shattering scream that is said to have traveled through time for all to hear and remember that moment. She then dove at “Yellow Hair” like a wild animal fighting for her cub, only to land on the tip of “Yellow Hair’s” Tiffany Saber before joining her mate in the spirit world.

Hallow Hill Screams 2 9.21.2015Remembering this tale saddened Evelyn, as the concept of the noise being a two hundred year old ghost brought her out of her frozen state and she headed towards the back door to investigate. But, just as her hand began to slide the screen open, she heard the scream again. This time it was closer and sounded more desperate and anguished. Evelyn immediately flipped the switch for the flood lights hoping that it would frighten off the would-be invader.

The bright light flooded the paved courtyard before being doused back into darkness in the dense forest. Evelyn squinted straining her eyes to see into the darkness in hope of making out the source of the terrible cry, without success. After a long while of standing in the well-lit doorway, calling out as if she were calling her dog to come in for the night; looking for whatever had made the sound that shook her to her very core only moments ago, Evelyn decided to lock the door and go to bed. She could see nothing and the noise had seemed to stop as suddenly as it had begun. Hallow Hill Screams 4 9.21.2015

Evelyn made her way to her room and got dressed for bed. As she sat on the edge of her bed massaging her aching feet, the overwhelming fatigue of the day hit like a meteor. She slid comfortably into bed and drifted off to sleep.

Always Thankful for Friends

A great big thank you to my friend Michael Okamura for figuring out my router issue so that I could get my Internet WiFi back up and running. 🙂 I was ready to throw the thing into the Grand Canyon. You’re a lifesaver.  Lol… Seems that my fighting with it over the past two days wasn’t for nothing; I apparently fixed most of the more complicated problems (thanks to Google) and missed a basic connection problem.

Happy People 9.8.2015

Original Thought of the Day

I never realized just how much I missed the sound of the bugles from the military base a half mile away, until just now. Living here for the past 23 years hearing them, I’ve simply found them to be comforting and peaceful.~ Elizabeth Leer

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