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Can You Pass the Quiz?

Show how much you know about me with this quick and fun quiz by clicking the link below.

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Train Employees to Succeed and Everyone Wins

“The expansion into a global economy has made the competition between businesses even more intense, making it imperative that businesses do everything they can to create a niche for themselves that makes them stand out from the pack. Quality training in areas such as customer service, and company practices is one way of doing just that. By having knowledgeable associates who are experts in quality customer service any company can achieve distinction in this world of untrained and poor customer service staffing.”

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“The Dale Carnegie study showed that companies with engaged employees beat their competition who did not have engaged employees, in performance by more than 200 percent. Additionally, the study showed that 71 percent of all employees do not feel engaged when it comes to their work, and out of that 26 percent actually felt disengaged in their job. With only 29 percent of the workforce feeling engaged in their job, this means that those companies who provide the training needed to make their associates feel engaged in their job and company will have a significant advantage over their competition.”

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