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What to Consider when Implementing a Casual Dress Code

“Perception is a large part of a company’s image. No matter how hard we try not to judge a book by its cover, it is human nature to have a first impression based on looks; when clientele see an overly casual or less than professional staff appearance their immediate first impression is less than stellar, whether subconscious or not. A business’ first impression is the client’s first bit of data that helps them decide whether or not to do business with a company. If customers see a business’ image as unkempt or too casual they may believe that to be a direct reflection on the service they will receive there and decide to go someplace else, thusly cutting into the company’s sales and bottom line.”



“A study at the University of Hertfordshire found that wearing jeans and t-shirts as work attire makes it difficult for associates to subconsciously differentiate between having a relaxed weekend mindset and a professional work day mindset. Although this study indicates that how we dress directly affects our ability to remain alert, the results were based on how each of the test subjects felt they were responding, and not physical scientific data. This means that there is the possibility of age, gender, mood, and other internal catalysts affecting the tests results.”


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Eragon Introspect Question

Wondering whether the story line of, “if the dragon rider dies then the dragon dies” in the book Eragon makes the theory that dragons can live to be hundreds of years old a “Wive’s Tale” or if the theory makes Eragon’s story line mean the dragon’s magic keeps the rider alive for hundreds of years? Any dragon experts out there care to chime in?