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Keeping Overhead to a Minimum without Looking Cheap

“According to Forbes, organizations like the United Nations estimate that the amount of annual solid waste production worldwide is between 1 and 1.3 billion tons. This number is three times as high as it was in the 1960’s.” Money Vortex 7.22.2014 Solid Waste Image 7.22.2014

“Make sure the management team is on the same page. If the people running the company do not have a clear idea of where the company is going and how they are going to get there, then the staff will not know either. Different visions on how to achieve a common goal can cost the company money and has been a prime reason for companies of all sizes going out of business.”

Out of Business Sign 7.22.2014

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Keeping Overhead to a Minimum without Looking Cheap





Retail Business Sizes: Cycles Small to Large and Back Again

“These global statistics indicate that a cyclical trend is beginning to make full-circle back towards smaller independent businesses that offer specialized products and services rather than large businesses that tend to dictate to the consumer what is available through their minimized SKU counts. This trend back towards smaller businesses can also be attributed to:”

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Retail Business Sizes: Cycles Small to Large and Back Again



Dos and Donts for Successful Marketing

“When marketing a business it is important to see the business through the customer’s eyes. Think about how the business is perceived and compare it to the image you want the business to have. Also consider how convenient and user friendly your marketing tools are such as do online websites load easily and without an inconvenient number of steps? Do mobile application websites work properly without the viewer having to modify their settings to read it? Does your marketing tool reach the right people? Is your contact information easy to locate? These are some basic issues that will frustrate potential clients and lose a business customers if not performed properly.”  EB_Ch4_Pt1_Marketing_your_E-business

“Consumers automatically assume that all businesses will have an informative and easy to navigate web page. The days of picking up the yellow pages and flipping through to find an auto mechanic or a plumber are no more. Today consumers expect to be able to pick up their laptop or mobile device and search for whatever they need and have all the information easily at their fingertips. That is why it is a vital marketing tool for businesses to have a well laid out and formatted website. Some things to consider when developing or revamping a business website are:”

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Do’s and Don’ts for Successful Marketing


Support Your Branding through Quality Customer Service

My first blog article under my byline with, since signing on as a contract freelancer. I’ve been doing ghost writing work for them for months to prove my writing quality, now I’m officially one of their paid contributors. Well, back to work.

Support Your Branding through Quality Customer Service Costco Image for Qukity Customer Service Article 7.14.2014Walmart Image for Quality Customer Service Article 7.14.2014