Steel Magnolias Remake or Break?

Is it really necessary to remake a movie like “Steel Magnolias”? This is a movie that has been seen by almost everyone. It is an award winning classic that won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress and the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Drama Movie. When a movie is an award winning classic such as this, is it worth the expense of remaking it? Remaking a movie that is already as successful and popular as Steel Magnolias seems redundant and unnecessary.

As much as I adore Queen Latifah and have enjoyed watching her in movies such as “Last Holiday” and “The Secret Life of Bees”, I have a very difficult time picturing her in the same role as Sally Fields in Steel Magnolias, and placing a little known actress such as Condola Rashad to play the role of Shelby that Julia Roberts has already perfected just seems silly. The publicists are calling it a “Fresh spin” on the movie because it has been remade with an African-American cast. This so called “Fresh spin” on a classic seems to me to be a waste of money and lack of creativity on the part of the remake creators. Granted the new version has some quality actors such as Phylicia Rashad and Queen Latifah, but the cast cannot compare to Sally Field, Julia Roberts, Shirley MacLaine, Dolly Parton, and Olivia Dukakis that made up the previous cast and those are just the women. If you add in the male actors of Tom Skerritt, Sam Shepard and Dylan McDermott, how can a remake compete?

When remaking a movie of this caliber and popularity it is impossible for the viewing public not to make a direct comparison between the movie they love and the remake. With that said, it is difficult to understand why anyone felt that this movie needed to be remade simply due to skin color. “Steel Magnolias” is a movie about a family’s struggles and loss that transcended skin color and touches all those who watch it because of the depth of the story which is losing a child. That is a story line that skin color has nothing to do with. Every parent can relate to how they would feel if they lost their child. Now, there will always be the conversation of which did you like better, the black version or the white version, which takes away from the true meaning of the movie itself.

The new remade version of “Steel Magnolias” is scheduled to air as a made for TV movie on October 7,2012, on Lifetime. Click the hyper link above to see the movie trailer.

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