Crossroads Theater’s Rocky Horror picture Show Review

For all of those last minute planners looking for something fun to do this Friday evening following Halloween, check out the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” live performance at the Crossroads Theater in Denver. Although, it is instantly apparent that this is not remotely comparable to the movie version with its minimal costumes and non-existent sets, the twisted naughty sense of humor as the almost satirical performance along with the casts creating their own sound effects keeps the audience laughing and engaged.

Overall the singing is adequate with some performers meeting the challenge better than others, but the performances are entertaining. The live music is worth listening to and the decision to do a “Victor Victoria” style “Frank Frankfurter” is one of the best decisions they could have made to pull off this role.

All too often theater houses attempt to compete with a well-known cult classic with their performance only to fail by comparison. The Wit Theater Group’s choice to handle things in a more satirical adult humored fashion was the right choice, as it is this decision that makes this show a hit and worth watching.

A few notes to anyone interested in seeing the production, this is a limited engagement performance with the last showing being on November 1st, and is a small theater so there are no bad seats in the house. Warning, Google and GPS are way off on their directions so make sure and give yourself enough time to find the venue. Google sent me six city blocks in the wrong direction of Colfax, and the couple next to me said that their GPS had it all wrong as well. There is limited parking in the underground lot to the back of the theater, but all other parking is by the curb.

Being a big fan of the movie it took me a few songs to get past comparing, but once I did I had a great time with the interactive format and the lively characters. It was a great way to spend Halloween with my College age daughter.



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