Amnesty, Where Does the Madness End?

I am not a politician or a lawyer, and do not claim to be either. Nor am I a racist. I judge people strictly on their behavior, lack of respect, and the way in which they conduct themselves. Not by the color of their skin. I believe that all races have the equal ability to be douche bags. I tell you this only so that you know that the opinions and ideas I am about to express are not aimed at anyone because of their nationality, but instead in the cause of fairness to those who abide by the laws of legal entry. I do not normally voice my opinion on politics unless necessary, so what has prompted me to write this? A while back my mother who lives in Southern California and I were speaking about illegal aliens and the amnesty laws that seem to take effect every few years as a president is trying to get re-elected. One of the points that she brought up were those who were born here, but their parents were illegals. My answer to that, then they should be considered illegal aliens as well.

As I said I am not a lawyer, and don’t claim to be an expert on the law, but I do watch a lot of crime shows. Yes, I know that makes me sound ridiculous, but please bear with me. You see all the time in these shows where evidence is thrown out of court because it was discovered illegally, and they refer to “Poisonous fruit from the poisonous tree”. Well, with that train of thought wouldn’t someone born here illegally also be considered illegal? My proposition is to close that loop hole in the immigration laws, and make it if your parents are legal citizens and you were born here then you are automatically a citizen, but if your parents are illegal and you are born here, then you too are illegal. Then there is no debate about breaking up a family by sending the parents back to where they came from. This should have been how the immigration laws were written in the first place; to avoid providing an incentive to those who would rather break the law than abide by it.

The reason I say this is because what incentive are we really providing to those who follow the rules and take years to get their citizenship legally? Yes we are offering them the right to live and work here legally. However, by letting illegals cross our boarders, work here, live here, have children here that are immediately considered legal citizens and then grant these illegal citizens amnesty and citizenship we are saying it doesn’t matter if you follow our laws. I have many friends from many other countries that are here on VISA’s or have gone through the citizenship process and we have spoken on these issues. And, you may be surprised that even though they find the task of getting legal citizenship expensive and daunting, they agree with these thoughts. If they agree with it when they are the people struggling through the process, then why should we as Americans continue to make the process easier for those who truly do not respect our laws and blatantly show this by entering, living and working in our country illegally? It amazes me every time I see picketing and campaigning from illegal citizen groups wanting us to change our laws to suit them. Illegals are not our citizens and should not have the same citizenship rights or more importantly have their rights placed above those who are here legally. Instead maybe we should be fixing the loop hole that keeps watering the slippery slope and not reward them for ignoring our laws. Their countries would surely ship us back or imprison us in a heartbeat for being their illegally.

I know these thoughts are going to infuriate many, but hopefully they will make people start to think about those who are actually following the rules that actual Americans have put in place for a change instead of only those who choose to ignore them. If you choose to comment on this opinion piece, I only ask that you be respectful of each person’s right to have and voice their opinion and avoid hateful comments or name calling.



About Elizabeth Leer

Single mother of 2 young adults, who is on career number 6. Currently own 2 businesses on completely different ends of the spectrum, an injury/sports massage practice and a writing company that does freelance copy writing/blog articles/web-content/technical writing, movie and restaurant reviews and fictional children's literature. I have a business background in IT Beta testing, Marketing, H/R and Office Management and more than 15 years experience in the food industry. Writing is my passion, and writing about my experiences and all the things life throws at us just adds to the fun. I currently write for as well as several other sites in addition to my freelance work. Announcement: On 4/18/2013 my new young adult detective novel was released on Amazon, Kindle, and CreateSpace. View all posts by Elizabeth Leer

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