Passing Ships Are Not Always Quiet Finally Released!!!

Press Release

A Character Above LLC is pleased to announce the release of “Passing Ships Are Not Always Quiet”, a young adult detective novel, by writer Elizabeth Leer. A Texas born, California native, 46 year-old Elizabeth has lived in Colorado for the past 22 years, and accumulates her life’s adventures and people she has met into her compelling characters while weaving her tales. “Passing Ships Are Not Always Quiet” is a fast paced, small town tale of two 12 year-old’s harrowing adventures over their Christmas Break, to bring Mailman Billy’s killers to justice. A must read for anyone who likes solid descriptive story lines. This fun to read novel is now available on Amazon and Kindle, as well as available by order request at book stores.



About Elizabeth Leer

Single mother of 2 young adults, who is on career number 6. Currently own 2 businesses on completely different ends of the spectrum, an injury/sports massage practice and a writing company that does freelance copy writing/blog articles/web-content/technical writing, movie and restaurant reviews and fictional children's literature. I have a business background in IT Beta testing, Marketing, H/R and Office Management and more than 15 years experience in the food industry. Writing is my passion, and writing about my experiences and all the things life throws at us just adds to the fun. I currently write for as well as several other sites in addition to my freelance work. Announcement: On 4/18/2013 my new young adult detective novel was released on Amazon, Kindle, and CreateSpace. View all posts by Elizabeth Leer

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