Euthanasia: Is It Ethical?

Looking at my elderly dog this morning, the topic of euthanasia popped into my mind. Although he is getting up there in years and is still in pretty good shape, I wondered at what point if any in his life that would have to be considered. I have only been able to picture him living out his life in a natural state. These thoughts transitioned to the overall topic of euthanasia. As humans we consider it inhumane to let an animal live when they are dying or their quality of life has become extremely poor. However, we consider it murder when a human being is in that same situation. Why? At least most people who are in that state are able to communicate their wishes. With animals we are just assuming that the animal wants to be put out of their misery. What gives humans the right to play as gods with other species, and yet we realize that overstep with other humans and call it wrong?


The world never sleeps.


About Elizabeth Leer

Single mother of 2 young adults, who is on career number 6. Currently own 2 businesses on completely different ends of the spectrum, an injury/sports massage practice and a writing company that does freelance copy writing/blog articles/web-content/technical writing, movie and restaurant reviews and fictional children's literature. I have a business background in IT Beta testing, Marketing, H/R and Office Management and more than 15 years experience in the food industry. Writing is my passion, and writing about my experiences and all the things life throws at us just adds to the fun. I currently write for as well as several other sites in addition to my freelance work. Announcement: On 4/18/2013 my new young adult detective novel was released on Amazon, Kindle, and CreateSpace. View all posts by Elizabeth Leer

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