5 Ways to Search for a Job Without Using Social Medias

Some job search strategies outside of the social media norm of today, might take you back to your teen years and looking for your first job. Although a lot of the large newspapers are now out of business, or are using online publication for their help wanted ads, there are still smaller local papers. Most cities have a city paper and have want ads within them. Not only are the smaller papers a good source of jobs, but they are a good source of close to home jobs.

Person to person networking through telephone calls, or in person casual settings, is still a good way of finding out what jobs in your immediate circle might be available.  Sometimes it is best to have that direct contact with people, and bring a more personal feel to the situation. It is easy for a person’s email to fill up and take and extended time to get caught up. By the time they get caught up, the position they might have in mind, may already be filled. It is important when plotting your job search strategies to remember direct contact is always best.

Often over looked, unless you are on unemployment, is the Unemployment Department’s job listing site. Not only do they have a list of open positions looking to be filled, they also offer job search offices. These offices have copiers, fax machines, internet stations, job postings and pretty much anything needed to find a job in this day and age of technology.

Other often missed opportunities are college recruiting offices. If you are an alumni don’t forget to contact your college recruiting office. They are a good source of companies looking for someone with your degree and your experience will be an added bonus from someone just coming out of college.

And don’t forget about employment agencies. Employment agencies have access to many unpublicized positions. Some companies choose not to deal with hundreds of unqualified resumes, instead opting to hire a placement service to do the screening for them. By using a quality service, they are able to get qualified applicants, without going through the headache of weeding out the rest.
Remember to add some old school techniques to your box of tricks when you are planning your job search strategies. The better your variety of tools, the more efficiently your job search will go.


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